Single Bamboo Pen for Arabic Calligraphy

$13.00 $11.95

Each individual bamboo pen is handcrafted for an optimal experience and results when writing Arabic calligraphy.

Our bamboo pens come in four different sized nibs including Small 3 – 4 mm, Medium 5 – 8 mm, Large 9 – 12 mm, Very Large 13 – 15 mm.

They are packaged to protect the integrity of the bamboo pen and the nibs.



The Bamboo Pen is the start of the calligrapher’s journey in Arabic calligraphy.

In order to make good work, you need to have good tools.

I personally hand-craft each of our pens.

I follow a rigorous method that maintains their flexibility and suppleness, yet keeps them durable for extended periods.

The method I follow has been learnt through many hours of practice and testing.

I carefully select the bamboo that I use to make the bamboo pens. We demand that the bamboo we source achieves the best possible quality of calligraphy.

It is important for us to be environmentally conscious. That is why we source eco-friendly bamboo wood  for our pens.

Additional information

Weight 0.01 kg
Dimensions 25 x 2 x 2 cm
Nib width

Small 3 – 4 mm, Medium 5 – 8 mm, Large 9 – 12 mm, Very Large 13 – 15 mm